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DIY Small Survival Kit to Keep in Your Car

Plenty of emergencies can happen when you’re with your car, so a small survival kit is great to keep in it. Here’s everything to include in your survival kit.

Would you be ready to if you were in the middle of nowhere when driving?

A lot can happen on the open road:

  • Flat tires
  • Health emergencies
  • Bumps & bruises
  • Handling pets
  • Accidents

If you were to run the numbers then you’d learn that you’re likely to be in a car accident every 17.9 years. Chances being it may never happen but on a long enough timeline, it’s bound to be.

And that’s just collisions.

What about all the other times where the car is unreliable? This is where the importance of a survival kit comes into play.

A survival kit, stashed in your car, helps you handle these troubling times. It gets you back on the road. It takes care of the minor bumps and scrapes.

What Goes Into a Car Survival Kit?

The kit is made up of the essentials to help you deal with the elements and any other troubles you’re likely to find on the road:

  • Food/Water – Sustenance is needed if you happen to find yourself stranded on the open road. A mix of canned goods and bottled water will keep you refreshed and going until you’re back on course.
  • Jumpers – Battery died? It’s good to keep cables on hand to catch a passer-by willing to give you a jump. These are under $15 and can be the major difference in reaching your destination.
  • Communication – Keep your phone charged and an extra on hand in case one goes dead. Phones without service can dial “911” in an emergency. Otherwise — keep a prepaid phone in the glove box.
  • First Aid – Those scratch and cuts that may occur along the trip need to be addressed. A first aid kit including bandages, tape, medicine, burn ointments, and antiseptic wipes are necessary when you’re waiting for proper medical help.


  • Multitools – A multi tool the screwdrivers and knives or a handy shovel can be a lifesaver. These tools can help you get out of ditches, fix basic troubles, and used on goods to make the wait bearable.
  • Extra Clothing – A nice change of clothes will boost your mood and sanitation while you’re waiting on the side of the road.
  • Flashlight – A basic LED torch will do fine (for obvious reasons).
  • Jack/Tire Iron – A flat tire is most likely your worries; double check to make sure a spare is on board along with a jack/iron so you can get to the next stop for proper maintenance.
  • Map/Compass – What if you’re in the middle of nowhere? That cell phone won’t help much in finding directions. Learn to read a map, use a compass, and keep one on board so you’re not completely lost.

Better Safe than Sorry

It would be great if you never need to use a survival kit…

… But it’s good to keep around in the event you do.

Plenty of these items you’d include in a kit are those sitting around the home. A few others you may need to buy at a retail store.

It’s better you’re safe than sorry when these situations arise. Especially since you now know what it takes to build one of these kits when you’re on the go.

Q: What would you recommend including in a survival kit in your car?


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