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3 Genius Tricks For Packing Survival Gear

One of the most exciting things about life is that you never know what will happen. That’s also one of the most stressful things about life! Once you figure that out, you know you need to be prepared for anything.

For some people, packing survival gear is something they do when they’re going camping or hiking. Other people like to have survival essentials within reach at all times (we see you people preparing for the zombie apocalypse!)

One of the issues with packing survival gear is that you want your kit to be small. Small kits are more portable so they can always be within reach. Whether your packing to walk across Europe, go on a short hike, or a road trip we have tips for you!

Tips for Packing Survival Gear

Tip #1 Duct Tape

Tip number one may seem more like a product suggestion than a tip but stick with us. What fills both categories? Duct Tape! Duct tape is a survival item without a doubt but doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Duct tape is a seriously versatile product. It’s strength and waterproof aspects make it the perfect thing for a myriad of survival tasks. Those include:

  • Makeshift Bandaids
  • Preventing Blisters (increasing your distance)
  • Plugging holes
  • Erecting shelters
  • Keeping yourself warm
  • Makeshift rope
  • Attaching additional things to your pack

The list of duct tape’s unconventional uses goes on and on! By bringing duct tape, you can cut down on other items you would have packed without it. It’s a space and money saver!

Tip #2 Maximize Space

This tip is more useful for those packing a backpack or for a camping trip than someone making a car survival gear kit. Hiking backpacks are big, but you will run out of room packing it fast!

One way to make sure you have enough room to bring the essentials is to use otherwise empty space. One of the most underused spaces is the inside of your extra shoes.

The hollow of your shoes is a great place to pack things that are more breakable. The structure and cushioning of the shoe will provide an extra level of protection. That way your valuables aren’t floating around your bag, chancing getting broken or squished!

Tip # 3 Convertable Clothing

In the spirit of maximizing the amount of space, you have to choose clothes with multiple uses. You probably never thought you’d hear this but, cargo pants are a great choice!

You want to pack clothing items that function in different ways, so you can pack less of them. Cargo pants are great because they can be optimized for any type of weather.

For a jacket, pick one that has a removable shell. It should have a weather-proof outer layer that can be detached from the warming inner layer. These are pricier but your back will thank you in the end.

Whatever you’re packing for, you’re going to need more than it seems like you can carry. Use these tips to help you gain a few more inches in your pack or kit for an item that could ultimately save your life.

What special item is in your pack?

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