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5 Survival Skills Essentials You Need to Master

Zombies have taken over? The government has collapsed? Is there a serial killer on the loose with your name written all over a homemade hair doll?


Oh. You just want to go camping.

That’s fine.

It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is, there are skills that are essential to your success and survival. The world can be a scary place and your knowledge of these essential skills can be life and death.

There’s more to surviving than knowing how to build a bug-out bag.

Reap what you sew

Sewing is one of the most underrated skills that an adult can possess. However, it’s one of the most essential survival skills.

You need to know how to repair clothes and shoes, and if it really hits the fan and you’re going to be in this mode for the long term, you’ll need to know how to make these items from scratch.

Knowing basic stitch and knot skills will also come in handy when building shelters and repairing or creating homemade tools.

Spit hot fire

There’s no rapping here. I’m talking about actually starting a fire.

Your gear should have multiple devices for starting a fire. Lighters and matches are the obvious choices, but you will also need flint and steel. Matches get wet and lighters run out of fluid.

On the long term, your flint and steel will be the only way you have to reliably start a fire.

So why is fire always such a priority? Doesn’t matter where you go, it’s on the top of everyone’s list.

  • Predators – Snakes and spiders, oh my! You really want these critters hanging out in your camp?
  • Temperature – Cold and wet isn’t just unpleasant. It can kill ya!
  • Food and water – You need to cook food and purify water. A fire is going to do both.
  • Comfort – Being able to see at night is important. There’s also something comforting about sitting around a warm fire when surrounded by darkness.

Don’t be a tool, know your tools

It all starts with a knife. Every tool has a job.

Your knife on the multi-tool has its uses but it’s not good as a survival knife.

Make sure you have needles and thread and flint and steel, as already covered. Skills with these tools are essential to your survival.

A compass is another great tool that everyone should have and master. Speaking of a compass, nature provided us with natural tools that you need to know how to use in case of emergency

Do you know where the North star is? The direction where the sun rises and where it sets?

Don’t just build your gear and think you’re ready. Know what every piece of equipment is for.

Staying calm and knowing first-aid is one of the most vital survival skills

First-aid isn’t just an essential survivalist skill, it’s a life skill.

Bad things happen and we all need to be prepared. Watch youtube videos if you don’t have the money but we strongly recommend taking a basic course.

Burns and cuts can become infected with relative ease. Don’t let something that is so easy to treat ruin your camping trip.

Or if you’re in a real survivalist situation, these minor medical issues can cost you much more than your good time.

Know your berries

In a survivalist situation, the keyword is survive. To do that, you need to eat.

There’s not likely going to be any class at the local community college that can teach you how to identify edible and poisonous plants.

Luckily there’s plenty of reading that you can do on the topic.

Make sure you have these survival skills mastered before trying to do any survivalist training on your own. Feel free to contact us


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