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Staying Alive: Survival Skills During Disasters


Natural disasters cause mass devastation everyday. You need strong survival skills during disasters. Learn these disaster survival skills to stay alive.

Have you ever wondered why people still flock to cinemas to watch disaster films?

Some say it’s because disaster movies are cathartic while others believe it has something to do with Hollywood’s focus on the overseas market. After all, natural disaster movies are visually understandable in any language.

But as entertaining as they are, movies are no substitute for learning important survival skills during disasters. You could watch Twister or San Andreas over and over but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to survive a tornado or an earthquake.

What will help you stay alive though is acquiring the necessary skills to help you survive natural disasters and emergency situations.

Survival Skills During Disasters You Need to Know

Find or make clean water

As we always say, when in survival mode, your first priority is to find water. But it has to be clean water. You don’t want to survive a natural disaster only to be felled by a water-borne disease.

Your best bet is to find multiple sources of water in case one dries up or gets contaminated. Of course, you have to learn how to purify these sources either through boiling or using a water filter. You can also check this guide by the CDC to learn how you can treat and sanitize water.

Learn how to hunt, fish, and grow food

If you already know how to hunt and fish, then you just need to hone these skills so you’ll have a constant supply of food.

In a long-term survival situation, however, hunting and fishing may not be enough. Growing your own food will ensure that you have another food source if ever game or fish become unavailable.

You should also learn about food preservation methods such as canning or drying. In the event that you cannot hunt, fish, or grow a garden, a steady supply of canned or dried foods can help a lot, especially if these are well rationed.

Get first aid and CPR training

Survival skills during disasters aren’t just about you. Saving lives is also part of the package. This is why everyone should know how to give first aid and perform CPR.

Lucky for all, there are tons of courses available online and in-person. Local hospitals and community centers are also good places to start. If you want, you could get certified which will guarantee more lives saved in case of an emergency or a natural disaster.

Know and practice self-defense techniques

During a disaster, people tend to panic.

And panic is often accompanied by irrational behavior. In panic mode, some people might try to attack you or your loved ones and take your supplies.

Depending on your stance on firearms, you can either learn how to properly use a gun or learn self-defense techniques that don’t rely on using a weapon. The latter also involves knowing how to subdue people who may or may not be heavily armed.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring survival skills during disasters is a must. You should also try to learn as much as you can about different natural disasters as there are specific ways to get ready for each one.

As much as possible always have a survival kit in your car and in your home and remember to have a disaster preparedness plan ready at all times.

Did we leave out anything important? Tell us in the comments!

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