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What Does Military Survival Gear Consist Of?

What Does Military Survival Gear Consist Of?

You may have heard of the term, ‘military survival gear,’ but do you actually know what it consists of? Keep reading to discover more about this type of gear.

You never know when you’ll be placed in a life or death situation. You’ll want to ensure that you’ll be prepared for anything that could happen.

Sometimes emergency preparation needs to go beyond stocking up on canned food or getting a few extra jugs of water. If you want to be ready for a disaster, you’ll need to improve your gear and supplies. Learn why military survival gear is important to have on hand in case a disaster strikes.

Must Have Military Survival Gear

Our men and women in uniform aren’t just trained in the latest survival tactics, they’re also given useful gear. When there’s a true emergency happening, military survival gear could literally be the difference between life and death.

Luckily for you, it isn’t necessary to be in the armed forces to have access to military-grade gear. With the right information, you could build a survival pack of your own.

Are you ready to start building your survival prep kit? Make sure you have these supplies on hand.

Water Purification Tablets

When you’re in an emergency situation, securing clean water should be a top priority. The CDC recommends that you need at least one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.

Finding potable water during an emergency can be difficult. That’s why most military survival gear packages will come with water purification tablets.

Tablets are easy to store, light to carry, and simple to use. They can easily kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that make water unsafe to drink.

Thermal Blanket

You never know when you’ll need to stay warm during an emergency. Even hot climates like deserts can have near freezing temperatures at night, so staying warm should be a priority during an emergency.

A thermal blanket can be used to retain body heat, and can even act as a shield from intense sunlight. Some thermal blankets can even double as a water collector.

Tactical Knife

Knives can be useful during an emergency. You’ll want a knife in your survival pack, but any old one won’t do.

When you’re looking for a knife don’t go for the biggest or sharpest blade, go for one that’s the most useful. A tactical knife isn’t just a weapon, it’s supposed to be a multi-use tool.

This knife is going to be your primary tool for cutting. You’ll want something that’s tough enough to cut through rope or other material, but also able to be used to cut through meat and other kinds of food.

First-Aid Supplies

First-aid is an important component of military survival gear. Soldiers need to be able to properly care for wounds on themselves or on others.

First-aid kits can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Some may just contain bandages, anti-biotic cream, a few tabs of aspirin, and gloves. Others may have sutures, surgical scissors and knives, and hemostats.

You can build your first-aid kit as you’d like, but make sure it contains the basics. The Red Cross has a helpful page on must-haves in a first-aid kit.

Bonus: Clothes

You may not be able to fit clothing items into a survival kit, but they’re still important to have in an emergency. The clothes we wear every day wouldn’t hold up against intense heat, cold, rain, or snow. If you want to stock up on military-grade gear, proper clothes are a must.

Focus on clothing that retains warmth and is easy to move around in. Thermal shirts and pants can keep you warm, are easy to layer, and in some cases can be waterproof. Military boots would also be a wise investment.


We covered a lot of ground in this post, but we’ve only mentioned a few helpful pieces of military survival gear you can use. If you want to learn how to build the ultimate kit, write us a message so we can talk about your specific needs.

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