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Wilderness 101: Outdoor Survival Gear Essentials

So, you’ve decided to embark on your next adventure outdoors! However, you’re at loss of what you should bring. Try these outdoor survival gear tips today.

Undeniably, if you have got human wit, you’ll survive in the wild!

But outdoor survival experts always recommend packing outdoor survival gear essentials that stay with you throughout your wilderness experience.

Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, or an explorer, you never know when a dangerous situation knocks the door! If you’re injured or lost, the right outdoor survival gear can save you from spending your night outdoors or in cold.

Not sure what to pack for your next survival trip?

We’re here to guide you!

Army Firesteel

Stranded alone while feeling cold? You’re not only wet and hungry, you feel your energy slowly evaporating. Though you need help, the question is, ‘where will you find help?’

In this emergency situation in the wilderness, Army Firesteel can come to your rescue. If you have this outdoor survival gear essential in your backpack already, you can light a fire immediately.

At three-thousand degrees Celsius, this firesteel will instantly create a spark. Here’s what makes this gear tremendous for adventurers: it lasts for twelve-thousand strikes. Oh, so durable!

Hydrapak Stash Bottle

Ever wondered what would happen if your water packs just got punctured during your outdoor trip? Of course, it’s too much work to refill them.

However, this isn’t the only scenario you may come across while camping. What if your water bottle gets damaged and the water leaks out?

In outdoor survival situations, you should always expect the unexpected and be ready for anything. That’s why replacing your water bottle with a collapsible bottle makes sense. Easy to carry, this 1-litre bottle is super-durable.

Packing this up will ensure that you’re never deprived of water throughout your trip.

5-in-1 Bracelet

Want everything ‘in your hand’ while you embark on an outdoor exploration? If yes, then wear a bracelet on your wrist that has it all!

Specifically designed for adventure seekers, this 5-in-1 bracelet includes a fire starter, scraper, whistle, compass, and a paracord string. Instead of packing all these essential items in your bag, you can just wear this bracelet.

Leatherman Handed Tool

We bet it – you wouldn’t have heard of a survivor who isn’t equipped with his/her multi-tool! Since this is one of the most crucial outdoor survival gear essentials, it’s a must-have even for beginners.

If you’re new to camping life, you should learn how to use this multi-tool. Once done, you’re good to go!

Don’t think of it as a set of knives because Leatherman Handed Tool is more than that. Not only does it occupy a smaller space in your bag, it helps you combat the hassles of outdoor survival with its 16 different features.

Operable with a single hand, two of its most prominent features include a wrench for opening oxygen bottles and a strap cutter.

Now Go Get Your OutDoor Survival Gear!

Now that you know the essentials of outdoor survival gear, which one will you take with you?

If you have an exceptional tool that could ease the adventurous trip of others, please share in the comments section below!

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